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Aztec Wilds

For centuries, explorers have hacked their way deep into the South American jungle in search of a mythical sealed temple: the resting place of the Aztec Wilds. Can you solve the riddle of its tumbling, shifting stone walls and access the ancient treasure inside? Find out in Aztec Wilds, a slot game that’s wild in more ways than one!

In Aztec Wilds, symbols are carved into stone tiles and set out on a 4X5 grid: Aztec masks and statues, and golden artefacts and medallions. With every spin, the stones rearrange themselves, winning combinations crumble into dust, and new symbols tumble down after them – triggering new wins.

A single winning combination reveals cracks in the walls of the temple. A strange breeze starts to blow between the stones, a golden light comes from inside, accompanied by the sound of tribal drums. Earn more winning combinations in a single spin and those cracks widen, before transporting players inside the temple for free spins.

The Aztec Wilds themselves are special statues, carved from centuries-old stone, that appear in the base game. They come in three varieties: normal, expanding, and sticky. Designed as clues for intrepid treasure hunters, the standard wilds can appear on almost any reel, and will stand in for any other symbol. Sticky wilds, which remain in place as the walls shift, are only on the centre reel. And expanding wilds, which can transform the temple walls in an instant, will cascade down from the top of any reel to cover its full height.