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Cookies Policy

Every time you visit a website, Cookies are used to store tiny pieces of information. Cookies help websites to function. You know when you add a certain item to your cart when online shopping, close your browser and when you come back it is still there waiting for you? That was a cookie doing its job! Cookies serve as little reminders for the websites, remembering which language you prefer to read information in, if you have visited that website before, and other functions.

It is no different when you visit and use our websites. However, there is no need to worry - the information collected via cookies is stored in your browser for a specific period of time, and after that period expires, the information collected is deleted.

There are distinct types of cookies out there with different objectives and functionalities. We only use cookies in the way we describe in this Notice.


Strictly necessary cookies - are the type of cookies that make it possible for our website to work, providing basic functionalities such as login to secure areas of the website and navigating on the website. Without these cookies, it is not possible to use our websites.

Functional cookies - help us remember your preferences, such as preferred language and how you like the information on the website to appear.

Statistical cookies - provide us with information so we can understand what our players like or dislike by collecting little pieces of information and reporting back to us.

 Marketing cookies - the most self-explanatory, marketing cookies help us track visitors across our multiple websites and show you the promotions we think would best suit your profile.

Unclassified cookies - sometimes, a few cookies are going to appear as unclassified in our cookie management tool, which will only be temporary as our team will quickly allocate it to the correct cookie category.

You will be presented with a cookie management tool upon your initial visit to our site, where you can choose the cookies, you want to allow. You can disable all cookies (except for the strictly necessary ones).

Regardless of your choice you can change your preferences at any time by opening the cookie management tool through the site menu.

The cookie management tool will detail the types of cookies used, how they function, and

how long they will remain in your browser if allowed. The information about the cookies within the tool is automatically kept up to date to ensure that the information supplied to you is accurate and up to date.

You can also delete cookies that were previously collected by us and other websites via your own browser. Please follow the links below to learn how to delete them:


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