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Pirate Kingdom Megaways

Drop into a pitched naval battle at the peak of the pirate era in Pirate Kingdom MegaWays – a six-reel slot game where the rows expand to recreate all the excess and the excitement of life on the high seas.

In Pirate Kingdom MegaWays a buccaneer crew has attacked a trade ship and is about to seize its treasure. Powder kegs bob in the Caribbean water, a skull and crossbones sit atop the reels, dynamic sea shanties accompany every spin, and big wins are heralded by cannon fire. And as winning combinations appear, the symbols are shattered with musket fire – with new ones tumbling down from the rigging to take their place.

Powered by the licensed Megaways technology, the six reels of Pirate Kingdom MegaWays change height independently with every spin. One reel might contain just two symbols; another could be fully stacked with seven. When a reel reaches seven symbols in free spins, it locks at full height until the free spin feature ends – a brand-new addition to the Megaways formula. From deckhands and treasure chests to ship’s wheels and a fierce pirate captain, Iron Dog’s detailed artwork scales to any symbol height.

Every winning tumble in the base game sends symbols crashing to the deck, then others take their place. If those also create a win, a meter starts to build. Discover four or more rusty anchors in a single spin, then sink into Davy Jones’s Locker with an allocation of up to 14 free spins Add to a progressive multiplier and earn more free spins with every underwater tumble, and keep watch for the bone ladders that unfurl from the top of the screen when a reel locks at full height - increasing your odds of dredging a big win back up on deck.