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Otterly Amazing Online Slots

Sea Otters are the heroes of the ocean, keeping the kelp forests healthy and beautiful by munching on the pesky sea urchins that would otherwise devour them.

But something is wrong. Since 2014, the kelp forests have been disappearing, leaving behind barren wastelands of urchins and trash known as ‘urchin barrens’ where kelp once flourished.

That’s where you come in. In Otterly Amazing, you help the Sea Otters restore the ocean to its former glory by collecting urchins and trash and letting the kelp grow back. As you do, you’ll unlock more rows, mystery symbols, symbol knockout, and increasing multipliers.

Otterly Amazing is a game that combines fun gameplay and great maths and mechanics with an engaging and important ecological story. Join the Sea Otters on their mission to save the kelp forests and have a blast along the way!