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You are the infamous Viking King Erik Haraldsson, known to both friend and foe as Erik Bloodaxe from the fury of your axe... Travel to the icy northern territories of Norway to claim what is rightfully yours by wielding your weapons and conquering anything in your path with your winning axe.

Channel the fierce spirits of Odin, Thor, Fridge, and Freya and take the ultimate glory by pillaging the riches of the snowy Nordic villages.

When wilds appear on the reels, your axe is thrown at the target above the reel. Keep your aim true and build up respins and expanding wilds on the reel.

Plunder even more riches when you collect free spin scatter symbols. Choose your own path with Game and Fortune features which can be unlocked using Game and Fortune coins that be spent across all Four Leaf games. Features include Bonus Booster, Fortune Maker, Bonus Replay and Super Spinner.